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Reviewing Universal Mathematics Instruction

Day One

Day 1 PowerPoint


1.0 Key System Features

1.1 Equitable MLSS Roadmap (Blank)

1.2 Universal Math SIR Alignment

1.3 Exploring Our Data

1.4 Collaboration and Screening Outline

1.5 Analysis Poster

1.6 Focus Activity Engaging in the Content          

1.7 Progress to Algebra

1.8 Rigor Activity Sample Problems

1.9 Standards Outline

1.10 Hurdles Race

1.11 Implementing Standards
for Mathematical Practices

Day Two

Day 2 PowerPoint


2.0 Principles 1-6 Outline

2.1 WI Principles for Math

2.2 Access and Equity

2.3 Factors That Impact Rigor

2.4 Parallelogram Assessment

HOMEWORK: Math Learning Autobiography    

Day Three

Day 3 PowerPoint
3.2 Priorities and Implementation Goal
3.3 Detailed Action Plan Template

General Documents

Wisconsin’s Framework for Equitable Multi-Level Systems of Support

Equity: Wisconsin’s Model to Inform Culturally Responsive Practices

Wisconsin DPI College and Career Readiness definition 

Wisconsin RtI Center RtI Implementation Self-Assessment Tools: Schoolwide Implementation Review (SIR) and All-Staff RtI Implementation Survey

Training Evaluation

(Discuss action plans as a team prior to completing the evaluation)

Additional Resources


Achieve the Core

Illustrative Mathematics

Inside Mathematics

What Works in Mathematics

National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics in Wisconsin

Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Mathematics Council


Parent Guides

Achieve the Core – Talking with Parents

Parent CCSSM Roadmaps

Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Parent’s Guides to Student Success

Trainer contact information

Heidi Erstad, Technical Assistance Coordinator