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Tier 3 Wraparound Training – Altoona and Abbotsford

September 25, 2018

Abbotsford City Hall
08:30 am - 03:30 pm

Wraparound is an ongoing family/person-centered planning process for supporting youth and families with complex needs at the elementary level. The process collaboratively creates a unique plan of interventions and supports for students with the greatest behavioral needs.


Through instruction, examples, practice and feedback, facilitators will learn how to establish their school’s Wraparound  process including:

  • An understanding of the ten principles of Wraparound and their responsibilities as a facilitator
  • An understanding and the ability to articulate the four phases of Wraparound
  • An understanding of the steps necessary to design an action plan based on family and student strengths, needs, and culture across multiple life domains
  • Planning how to use data to guide decision making in student identification, progress monitoring interventions and assessing the fidelity of intervention


Special educators, school services staff, and general education teachers. Potential facilitators must have a strong desire to do the work, make good connections with students and families, and have a flexibility of schedule to accomplish the work.