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Equity statement

Like many of you, I am mad, disheartened, sad, and frustrated right now. 

George Floyd’s death shines a beacon on how systems like education maintain and even propel oppression, bias, inequity, and systemic marginalization. Education has a significant role and choice to make—either be complicit, or be a leader in system-wide change.

At the Wisconsin RtI Center, we advocate for equity and strive to improve students’ outcomes through changing the educational system. 

We are one of many organizations on the forefront of helping all schools and all districts uncover their inequities. Together, we must firmly and steadfastly stand in the uncomfortable position of continually pushing ourselves, district leaders, school leaders, and peers into the conversations, reflections, learning, change, and actions that will make real the vision of all students succeeding. 

Within the center, we are going to do more to hold ourselves accountable. We need you to join us in this work and commit to do more to hold your system accountable.

We are explicitly asking you to be authentic allies for districts, schools, staff, families, communities, and students so that systems of oppression can be dismantled and built anew. To quote Kelisa Wing, “We have a responsibility to teach our children to be anti-racist, and education is one of the ways we can do that.”

The Wisconsin RtI Center is 100% committed to continuing to propel forward and build a circle of humanity where no one is outside; we will do it with unstoppable force.

I am because we are,
Kathy Ryder, executive director

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