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Develop Staff

Develop staff at the district level

School districts help build the capacity of staff working within their schools with intentional planning and support. Guided by a clear vision and with the strategic use of resources, districts ensure that schools can focus on providing equitable access to high quality instruction for all learners.

To facilitate implementation of an equitable, multi-level system of supports, a district will:

  • Create a plan to continuously build and strengthen staff skills
  • Use a process for selecting staff (internal and/or external) who will support the implementation of an equitable, multi-level system of supports
  • Collect and use training effectiveness data
  • Create and use a plan for how coaching supports will be delivered
  • Regularly review coaching supports to make sure they are effective

Districts plan to build and strengthen staff skills

Successful system implementation is made possible with district planning and assistance in staff development.


  • Ensure that all staff who are working on the implementation have a professional learning plan and have opportunity to receive the training as outlined in the plan
  • Facilitate useful trainings that are skill-based, include opportunities for practice, and provide participant feedback
  • Make sure that training is delivered by competent, skilled presenters
  • Collect data to be sure training is effective (including pre- and post-assessment of knowledge and skills, observation of participants practicing new skills, and feedback on trainer performance)
  • Use what is learned from the data to improve training content and delivery

Districts plan to deliver coaching supports

Districts also provide coaching support to help staff become fluent and skillful in the application of the new skills. To ensure that building teams have the necessary support to function effectively, the district plans how coaching services will be delivered.

Coaching services are informed by participant input and activities include prompting, modeling, feedback, and self‐reflection using data. Three times a year, review your district’s coaching plan and make sure it’s being followed.

It’s also important to gather and look at data to ensure that the coaching is effective. Some possible sources of data include fidelity measures, coach observations, and staff satisfaction surveys. Use this data to inform improvements.